I've been on a mission lately to find out if waterfront restaurants are really as bad as South Florida urban mythology has it. The good news: They aren't. I've finally given up trying to have anything like an edible meal at my local fish-camp-cum-sports-bar Intracoastal hangouts and ventured further afield, and I've found out how delicious and reasonably priced a meal on the water can be. That's particularly true of the cheerful beachfront restaurants dotting the shoreline from Deerfield Beach to Hollywood — the crazy Key West-style mayhem of places like Aruba Beach Café, where you can brush the sand and sea lice out of your bikini and hop up to the bar for a tropical martini, or the comfortably elegant savoir faire of linen-and-tuxedo service at places like Windows at Ireland's, where customers slice into their steaks overlooking a nearly panoramic ocean view. Somewhere between these two extremes... More >>>