Ejiofor plays Simon, AKA Lola, a flamboyant drag queen who gets to sing showtunes, issue snappy putdowns, and look fabulous. (He is not, he explains, a transvestite, because while drag queens look good in a dress, trannies "look like Boris Yeltsin in lipstick.") Lola is also nursing some deep personal scars from being disowned by his father, who died of lung cancer without reconciliation ("It's ironic, really — fags got him in the end!"), and does shots of vodka every night for an artificial boost. Whether Lola is gay is never really addressed; he makes a remark about drag queens not necessarily being homosexual, but there are no lovers to be seen, and he never expresses interest in any male or female in sight. Perhaps denying the erotic aspect and merely treating drag as dress-up could be seen as a stealthy move toward pushing tolerance, but more likely, it was done to keep... More >>>