Hailing from the "kitchen sink" school of composition, Mike Patton has a sizable body of work that demonstrates his commitment to the theory that more is more. More styles of music, more layers of sound, more collaborators, more albums released — not since George Clinton's heyday has one man been so prolific. Peeping Tom, Patton's long-delayed pop project, takes this approach and gives it a steady dance beat. While one might argue that all of Patton's oeuvre has a strong pop element due to his mix-and-match writing style (yes, even Fantomas), there is no arguing that Peeping Tom is dance music. But it's dance music for adults — naked, grinding, well-intoxicated adults. "Getaway," with vocals courtesy of Kool Keith, has the grimy sci-fi vibe and loin-rubbing bass that one imagines is constantly pumping in Keith's boudoir; "Kill the DJ," with help from Massive Attack, segues from Brian Wilson-sounding opening vocal harmonies to an avalanche of synthetic bass rumble and lisping high hat that demands dance-floor or mattress fealty. Guest Norah Jones wraps herself around the sweaty groove of "Sucker" with the lithe carnality of a sex... More >>>