Completely against my better judgment, I've developed a grudging respect for Burt Rapoport. This is a guy I'd love to hate — he's got a headful of big restaurant concepts and perpetual oodles of startup cash. His gigantic, overwrought restaurants — plunked down in bomb-proof shelters like Boca Center and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino — succeed enormously even while other talented young restaurateurs, clutching their culinary-school diplomas and their maxed-out credit cards, dodge the mortars and landmines of our bellicose gustatory marketplace. Nothing can keep this guy down; every time I blink, he's throwing open a new venue. I've found myself writing about him twice already in 2006 (Jazziz Bistro at the Hollywood Hard Rock, Opus 5 in Boca) and you can expect yet another column devoted to his exploits by year's end — in November, he's opening Bo-gart's Bar & Grill at the splendiferous Muvico Palace 20. You can't miss the Palace as you whiz past on I-95: It's that radioactive glow in the distance, as if a hot comet had crashed in Boca and then morphed into a terrifying 20-screen movie house from Mars. I can't imagine a more perfect location for Rapoport's... More >>>