South Florida has more than its fair share of curvaceous gals donning nipple pasties and wiggling their assets for all to see. That's why it feels so apropos for the men to finally have their chance to play risque. What could be more seductive than ten hairy, tattooed men in skimpy outfits jangling their nether regions in syncopation to some old-time beats? Billed as South Florida's first all-male burlesque review, Hurly Burly is filling that critical void of men in banana hammocks and electrical-tape nip covers, shaking their business for audiences' delight. Event organizer Cecil Lunsford says the Hurly Burlies are looking to poke fun at how seriously burlesque takes itself these days. Moreover, and most important, Lunsford and his crew ambitiously hope to demolish "flimsily constructed gender... More >>>