This year's sold-out Jam Cruise proves that one bad acid trip (i.e., 2011's pre-embarkation drug raid, which yielded little more than some pot, 'shrooms, hash oil, and other virtually harmless hippie drugs) can't spoil a decadelong tradition of patchouli party music at sea. Back for the 11th time, the annual floating festival's gonna set sail from Port Everglades this Monday. Before hitting open water, however, one of the ship's biggest acts will kick things off on dry land with the official Jam Cruise 11 Pre-Party in Fort Lauderdale. So if you chose to forgo this year's musical getaway because you feared that the Drug Enforcement Administration would seize your homegrown and ruin the $1,500-per-person vacation you'd paid for by busting your balls in a corporate 9-to-5, go get groovy with Medeski, Martin & Wood at Revolution Live. It's a chance for landlocked music fans to rage like a gang of potheads before jam... More >>>