One of the most interesting stories in local development is the long and tortured history of the outdoor shopping mall/condo complex in West Palm Beach known as CityPlace. In order to rise on this particular parcel of land at the gateway to West Palm's historic downtown, a village of poor, mostly black residents, many of whose families had lived there for decades, had to be relocated — and the neighborhood flattened to make a blank slate for the Gaps, Banana Republics, Cheesecake Factories, and FAO Schwartzes slated to move in. The vernacular old Florida cottages and '30s-era apartment buildings were torn down, and in their place rose an "international" Italianate/Asian/Caribbean-style shopping park courtesy of Related Urban Development. The idea was to draw a whole new crowd of spenders and players to the city to spend, play, and thus revive West Palm's sluggish economy and polish up its... More >>>