NiFlame, a 27-year-old designer, knows that fashion isn’t humanitarian relief or anything, but still, “I realize how clothes can change people’s lives. You see it on those makeover shows – people start crying, saying, ‘I never thought I could look this good.’ When people see you, they’re judging you right away, whether we like it or not.” Humbly, she says, “I’m not out to change the world,” then reconsiders: “But if I took it one outfit at a time, I could!” NiFlame, who goes by just one name (and signs her e-mails “Fashionably Yours, Your Hottness, Miss NiFlame”) was born in Jamaica and grew up watching her mother, Birdy, a dressmaker. As soon as she could reach the sewing machine, she started making clothes of her own, and it wasn’t long before she set out to dominate all fashion-related industries. A licensed cosmetologist, she gives manicures to CEOs. A personal shopper, she dresses elite clients, DJs, and celebrities. Lately, she’s emphasizing her talent for putting together entire ensembles -- a skill that has sparked the interest of MTV and other corporate clients, who hire her as a stylist for photo shoots and television commercials. When she hosts a... More >>>