Shortly after graduating from film school, I took a part-time job as the assistant to a successful movie and television director who told me I'd be handling a mix of personal and professional responsibilities. Not long after, I was put to work maintaining the good humor of the tenants at the director's two multi-unit apartment buildings. I didn't learn much about filmmaking, but I came away with a veritable master's degree in property management. Was that what I signed on for? Not exactly. But even on the worst days — the ones when I was berated for my incompetence and denied the chance to speak a single word in my defense — the thought of writing a tell-all book never crossed my mind. Boss-hate, though, has become something of a literary cottage industry in recent years, with the appearance of several surprise bestsellers about the disgruntled underlings of the rich and famous (or the merely rich), most of which are so fatally predictable in their imperious bile-spewing as to make you wonder when some CEO will counter the trend with the... More >>>