Here's a restaurant with volume set to "max," 14,000 square feet of surround-sound at the Fort Lauderdale Grande's new China Grill. From design to dames it's all spilling over the top: Take the flocks of unescorted single girls, their ruby slippers clackety-clacking on tile floors inlaid with quotes from Marco Polo. These ladies are like some kind of Darwinian experiment with their bronze pumps and backless shirts, the bubble mini dresses and ankle bracelets, their toned, tanned gams — no doubt their genetic line is assured. Or the glow-in-the-dark sushi bar, diners bending, Narcissus-like, over its cool, reflective blue. Backlit floor-to-ceiling walls display magnums of sake. Cherry-hued lanterns sway from a three-story ceiling. The hostesses at the entry, from every angle, register as perfect tens. And the grand open kitchen faces a party room where celebrants clink designer cocktails at communal tables... More >>>