Outside of Fela Kuti and his ever-popular Afrobeat sound, African music as a whole is hard for a lot of novices to understand and, furthermore, purchase. There's so much of it, spread out across 53 countries on one giant continent, that you need a guide — a Rough Guide, perhaps — to help discover it all. World-music labels like Rough Guide and Putumayo have bridged the gap considerably in recent years, and it's helped countless pioneering musicians like the late Ali Farka Touré (and his son Vieux), Kenge Kenge, Cesaria Evora, Oliver Mtkudzi, and others gain a wider fan base along the way. With the success of these musicians, who are now going into studios and capitalizing on world music's popularity, it's prompted Rough Guide and Putumayo to dive even further into the streets and release similarly themed compilation discs that could have been companion pieces had they not been... More >>>