Continuing to prove that psychedelic rock was as omnipresent in the '60s as it is loosely defined today, the tenth volume in the QDK Media series further breaks down the definition of "Latin American Psychedelic Music" the label explored in its second volume. After delivering tunes from Brazil (Volume Six) and Mexico (Volume Seven), this edition takes on the somewhat obscure sounds that emerged from Chile between 1967 and 1973. The Andes produced a sizable amount of psychedelic music, as any recent fan of Peruvian chicha music can testify. There's a drug joke there, but let's not explore it, since what's most interesting about this batch of garage freakouts is that not much is tied to any specific cultural heritage. Although most of the 17 tracks on this disc are sung in Spanish, these Chileans were clearly under the sway of American rock mythology. The Blops deliver gentle, folky trippiness, Los Beat 4 have taken up residence just this side of the Calico Wall, and Aguaturbia are all about beat-swinging sexodelica. It's all quality stuff, but were you to not know that much of it was recorded in a country about to fall under that iron fist of a regressive dictator, it wouldn't strike you as being all that... More >>>