When the first Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert was held last January, it gave local music fans something to be proud about in this quirky town. It was a show full of the finest bands from Florida’s vibrant, early ’80s rock scene, reuniting under a banner of tribute to the late, great Witkin, who died in April 2006. Witkin was like the matron of the scene in those days — under her guidance, Florida venues went from being cover band-heavy dives to havens of original punk and garage rock, bands like Tight Squeeze and the Kids (featuring her son, Bruce, as well as a boy-faced Johnny Depp) gained national notoriety, and rock fans started packing into shows every night of the week. The show was a huge hit, raising over $30,000 for charity and bringing together bands — Z-Cars, Slyder, Critical Mass, the Cichlids, and many more — who hadn’t... More >>>