It has been exactly ten years since Sforza Ristorante threw open its big glass doors for the first time at 223 Clematis St. The day Sforza debuted its Italian menu was a milestone in West Palm Beach history — it looked like the sun was finally rising again on a city so depressed and crime-ridden that you needed bulletproof windows to cruise the main drag. I remember Sforza well: It seemed terribly chic at the time, with its deep-maroon velvet interiors and sidewalk café tables, so sophisticated in the way they'd push back the furniture after dinner and turn the long room into a dance party. The place was always mobbed with girls in little black dresses and guys with spiky haircuts — the young architects, planners, web start-up brats, and P.R. people who'd just moved in nearby to the refurbished office lofts and the cute, new, affordable housing, all angling to grab their piece... More >>>