When did vampires become undisputedly the most screwable monster? Granted, the alternatives are paltry: Zombie sex is probably a feisty affair but untenable without copious restraints; werewolf sex is only once a month (or twice, in a blue moon); boogeymen would rather be coming to get you than getting you to come. But ignore their overbites and wan pallor, and vampires at least keep the right hours (dusk until dawn), live on fluids (a bonus), and enjoy the same sorts of prissy accoutrements (velvety capes and coffin-liners, grandiose candelabras, medieval chateaux) that stir the loins of romance-novel readers. Also, Hollywood keeps endowing vampires with the likes of Tom Cruise’s face, Wesley Snipes’ biceps, and Megan Fox’s rack. Though, thankfully,... More >>>