Less documentary than closely and manipulatively edited homage to the new-agey “genius” of frequent Michael Jackson collaborator and High School Musical auteur Kenny Ortega, This Is It is about as honest as the song it’s named after—which was co-written with and then stolen from Paul Anka in 1983, sold to the ’80s freestyle starlet Sa-fire in ’91 as "I Never Heard,” and blithely repackaged without acknowledgment to either by the Jackson estate earlier this year. To be fair, Ortega’s This Is It, culled at breakneck speed from a few weeks' worth of rehearsal footage from what was to have been Jackson’s comeback tour, probably didn’t have a lot to work with: America’s tolerance for the minutiae of blocking and lighting cues is presumably low, even when it’s Michael, and how many times can you really show Jackson dressing down the band, over and over again, for failing to correctly “bathe in the... More >>>