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    August 21, 2014
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    August 7, 2014
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    April 19, 2011

    Chipotle Wants You To "Wrap What You Love" In Foil To Win $10,000

    ​Chipotle Mexican Grill wants you to wrap your dog (or anything else that you love) in gold foil for a chance to win $10,000 or other prizes, including a solid gold coin. The Chipotle "Wrap What You Love" contest coincides with Chipotle's wrapping their burritos in gold foil to signify their ... More >>

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    July 17, 2008

    Grow Up Already!

    A mid-life crisis begets even bigger crises

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    November 16, 2006

    When the Stars Came Out

    Forbidden Planet The Da Vinci Code Homicide -- The Complete Series Megaset Strangers With Candy

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    July 13, 2006

    All-Day Suckers

    Sedaris and Colbert peddle Candy not everybody wants.

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    November 3, 2005

    Pluck Off

    That's not the sky falling, just Disney's Chicken Little