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    November 13, 2014
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    November 11, 2014

    Anthony Bourdain Is a Cartoon Character... Again

    Anthony Bourdain will guest-star as famous TV food dude Anthony Gourmand in an upcoming episode of Nickelodeon's Sanjay and Craig slated to air sometime in 2015. In the episode, Craig becomes obsessed with Anthony Gourmand, the host of a television series called Foodventurer. Sanjay and Craig meet ... More >>

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    June 2, 2014

    Ratatouille Gets His Own Restaurant at Disneyland Paris

    Remember Ratatouille, the Disney movie that features a little rat named Rémy who longed to be a chef? The movie not only featured an adorable little rodent, but was deemed "the best food movie ever made" by Anthony Bourdain, according to a blog post by Michael Ruhlman. Bourdain was also a consultan ... More >>

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    April 24, 2014

    Anthony Bourdain Hates EDM: "Are We Old? Or Are We Nondouchey?" (Video)

    When it comes to chefs, no one is more awesome than Anthony Bourdain. He drinks like a fish, he smokes like a chimney, he takes ayahuasca in Peru -- the guy is just an all-around badass. This week, we're really crushing on him: Not only did he drink Butterbeer at Universal Studio's Island of Adven ... More >>

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    April 23, 2014

    Anthony Bourdain Drinks Butterbeer at Universal Studios

    Anthony Bourdain might be an international traveler in constant search of his next great meal, but even this intrepid chef/writer/television host must succumb to the charms of Harry Potter. And if you've been all around the world, where's the best place to spend your wedding anniversary -- which al ... More >>

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    March 17, 2014

    Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season Three Premieres April 13

    CNN has announced that Anthony Bourdain will return with season three of Parts Unknown, starting April 13 at 9 p.m. The cable news network is bullish on Bourdain, with rumors abounding that the celebrity chef is even on the short list of personalities to replace Piers Morgan, along with Rosie O'Don ... More >>

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    January 30, 2014

    Anthony Bourdain Buys $3.35 Million Condo With a Palm Beach Connection

    Anthony Bourdain is a home owner. The celebrity chef, television host, and professional Tweeter, has just purchased a condo at Carnegie Hill Tower in New York's tony Carnegie Hill section (just off Fifth Avenue for those of you not familiar with Manhattan real estate). The condo, a three bedroom, t ... More >>

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    March 19, 2013

    Anthony Bourdain's CNN Show Parts Unknown Premieres April 14

    Follow Anthony Bourdain on Twitter and you'll find the man has no need for a PR rep. The chef, author, and television personality Tweets his own whereabouts and successes with as much skill as any seasoned hired gun. Recently, Bourdain has peppered his Tweets with pictures from some of his adventur ... More >>

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    February 15, 2013

    Anthony Bourdain Coming to Hard Rock Live Orlando: Tickets On Sale Now

    Anthony Bourdain is bringing his Guts and Glory tour to Orlando -- which is, so far, the closest the bad-boy chef is getting to south Florida for his tour (the chef will, however, be in town next week during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival). Bourdain will take his one-man show to the Hard R ... More >>

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    February 14, 2013

    South Beach Wine & Food Festival: Five Reasons To Schlep to Miami

    The South Beach Wine & Food Festival comes to Miami Beach in one week and if you didn't get your tickets, better hop to it. The festival, which turns the white sand of South Beach red with vino, may be expensive and a bit of a drive, but if you're into food, wine, and chefs-turned-celebrities it ... More >>

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    February 6, 2013

    The Taste: Blogger Sarah Schiear is on Fire (Literally)

    Things started really heating up on The Taste, the new ABC cooking competition that has professional chefs and home cooks competing against each other in teams. The first two episodes dragged in much the same way American Idol's audition pieces do. But, at least that show has singing -- good, great, ... More >>

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    January 22, 2013

    The Taste Premieres Tonight: Local Blogger Sarah Schiear is a Contestant

    You've probably seen the promos for ABC's new show The Taste, which brings cook-offs into mainstream, prime time television with big names, a big set, and a recycled premise.The Taste, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m., features four celebrity judges who vote for chefs' dishes by taking one bite of ... More >>

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    October 12, 2012

    Anthony Bourdain Is Toast at NYC Wine & Food Festival Roast (Video)

    Snarkmeister Anthony Bourdain found himself the main course last evening when both celebrity chefs and professional comedians made mince meat out of him at the "On the Chopping Block: A Roast of Anthony Bourdain" at Chelsea Piers. The $400-a-plate event, part of the New York City Wine & Food Fes ... More >>

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    October 10, 2012

    Padma Lakshmi Lets Man Eat Ham Off Her Body (Video)

    Some lucky bastard got to eat a piece of Iberico ham off of Padma Lakshmi's body last evening.No, it's not some lame Top Chef dream sequence. This really happened. In front of thousands of people. And that man was some stranger. OK -- he did donate $1,000 to charity, so we guess it's all good.Accord ... More >>

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    August 22, 2012

    Ruth Bourdain Writes a Book

    It seems like everyone and their mother has a book deal. Don't believe us?  Well, let's see...nearly every Real Housewife has one (even the ones who can't seem to be able to read on the show), Mr. Winkle the dog is a constant best seller, and now Ruth Bourdain has a book deal. And we didn't eve ... More >>

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    June 25, 2012

    It's Anthony Bourdain's Birthday: Five Awesome Gift Ideas for Our Favorite Celebrity Chef

    Anthony Bourdain, television star, author, chef, and champion snarkmaster is celebrating his 56th birthday today.  Though one could counter that the man has plenty to be thankful for this year -- what with television deals with both CNN and ABC, a publishing deal with Harper Collins' Ecco Books ... More >>

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    April 30, 2012

    New Times Seeks Marquee Name to Helm Restaurant Coverage

    When Anthony Bourdain was asked last year what advice he'd give to the New York Times during the paper's search for a restaurant critic, he answered: "I think the best you can hope for in a subjective enterprise like food criticism is for an honest broker of opinion."Truthfulness might seem like an ... More >>

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    February 23, 2012

    SoBeWFF: Tickets Still Available for These Events

    ​There's no denying that the South Beach Wine and Food Festival is South Florida's premier foodie event. The four-day festival turns Miami into one giant celebrity-chef mosh pit -- where the likes of Paula Deen, Anthony Bourdain, Emeril Lagasse, and Rachael Ray all come together to mingle with fan ... More >>

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    December 30, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain's Festivus: The Airing of the Grievances

    ​We just knew that Festivus was Tony Bourdain's kind of holiday. At first we thought that Tony was becoming a modern-day Grinch with a heart that grows three sizes in one day, after viewing pictures of him assembling a Disney Princess castle for his adorable daughter. In his jammies.But just when ... More >>

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    December 29, 2011

    Five Food Shows We'd Love to See in 2012

    ​I'll admit I'm totally obsessed with shows on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and Cooking Channel. In fact, I recently upgraded my cable service (and bill) in order to get the Cooking Channel when the free trial period ended -- just so I could watch Emeril tour the USA and Nadia G. vamp her way ... More >>

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    December 9, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain's A Krampus Carol

    Krampus is coming to sucks to be you.​Gather round boys and girls, because Clean Plate Charlie wants to share a little Christmas story -- courtesy of Anthony Bourdain.We're sure you've heard about Santa Claus and how he brings presents to all good little children. But we want to tell yo ... More >>

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    November 18, 2011

    Skydiving With Anthony Bourdain? You Can for Ten Grand

    Laine DossTony Bourdain can be yours -- if the price is right!​I found what I want Santa to bring me for Christmas -- skydiving with Anthony Bourdain, followed by burgers and beer.Gilt City has just announced the craziest offering that we've ever seen -- an opportunity to go tandem skydiving with ... More >>

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    October 23, 2011

    The Chew's Michael Symon Responds to Anthony Bourdain

    Michael Symon just wants to cook for America​In an interview with Mercury News, Anthony Bourdain was asked what he thought about The Chew, the ABC foodcentric daytime talk show.Bourdain said, "(Heavy sigh) I'm really shaken. Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore. Mario Batali is a better ... More >>

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    September 13, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain's Big Week: Emmy and a Book Deal (Photos)

    Anthony Bourdain via TwitterLooking good, Anthony!​Here's a riddle --  what do Anthony Bourdain, cream, and pond scum have in common? They all rise to the top!Just a few weeks ago, bad boy Bourdain placed his foot in his mouth when he told TV Guide that Paula Deen was "the most dangerous pers ... More >>

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    September 11, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio to Guest on The Simpsons

    Matt Selman, via TwitterAnthony Bourdain is making an appearance on The Simpsons​Who would have guessed that Springfield would become a foodie destination? The Simpsons' 23rd season will see both snarkmaster extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef head judge Tom Colicchio make guest appearanc ... More >>

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    August 19, 2011

    Paula Deen To Anthony Bourdain: Get a Life

    Don't mess with a southern lady.​Anthony Bourdain very bluntly tells anyone who will listen exactly what he thinks of Food Network celebrities like Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, and Sandra Lee. In an interview in TV Guide, Bourdain called Southern Belle and butter aficionado Paula Deen "the most danger ... More >>

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    August 15, 2011

    Bourdain Gets Wonky, Celebs Tip Poorly, and Other Weekend Links

    There's a mid-August languor in food news. Despite the slow going, here's a handful of link worthy stories on food and drink from around the internets. @noreservationsBourdain says his first tattoo in Greek reads, "I suspend judgment." Think he did when he saw his mug on someone's arm?​Not ju ... More >>

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    August 9, 2011

    No Reservations: Anthony Bourdain in the California Desert

    Travel ChannelGirls, girls..there's no reason to lose your heads over Anthony Bourdain. He's married.​No Reservations has had Anthony Bourdain travel to some interesting places like Cuba, Ghana, Liberia and Cambodia. Imagine our surprise when last evening Tony was seen driving a vintage Thunderbir ... More >>

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    August 8, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain Hates Cinnabon, Olive Garden on Colbert Report

    Anthony Bourdain boils with rage at the sight of an Olive Garden.​Anthony Bourdain, snarky eater and demi-god, visited Stephen Colbert to talk about his Travel Channel Show No Reservations, eating in America and the experience of chomping down on tiny endangered birds whole. Colbert actually had ... More >>

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    July 19, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain Filming in South Florida

    Laine Doss Anthony Bourdain is loose on the streets of Miami!​In early July, we told you about Anthony Bourdain's new Travel Channel show, 24 Hour Layover, in which he eats his way through more accessible cities like... Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We're sure that Bourdain is a fan of Clea ... More >>

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    July 2, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain: Host of the Travel Channel's New Foodie Show 24-Hour Layovers​This is one layover you definitely won't mind waiting for. And, if you're lucky, it will be coming to a South Florida airport near you.In 24-Hour Layovers, Anthony Bourdain really will have no reservations about where he goes, what he eats -- or how he does it since agreeing ... More >>

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    May 17, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain on Nightline: Angry Anthony is Happy Anthony

    Anthony Bourdain likes to watch Nick Jr. in his jammies. Awwww..​Anthony Bourdain is equal parts brilliant, snarky and well, hot. He's the hard-drinking, chain-smoking, tattoo-sporting, drug-using bad boy from your younger days all grown up. Make that, mostly grown up. With a family, a hit ... More >>

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    March 15, 2011

    Top Five Anthony Bourdain Fantasies

    What is it about Anthony Bourdain that makes all of the foodie girls go GaGa? Is it his filthy mouth or his silverish hair? The way his ideas sound so inspiring at the close of each episode? Is it his amazing taste in music or just the fact that he's a complete badass? Whatever it may be, all type ... More >>

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    February 28, 2011

    South Beach Wine & Food Festival's Grand Tasting Village: Bring on the Celebrity Chefs

    All photos by Laine Doss Anthony Bourdain brought the wheel of death.​Once a year, South Beach turns into the ultimate playground for adults. Filled with shows, food, and fun, it's basically Disney World for grownups. At the Grand Tasting Village, guests are given a Waterford Crystal glass ... More >>

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    February 22, 2011

    10 Survival Tips For The South Beach Wine & Food Festival

    Tony Bourdain will be at the SoBe Wine & Food Festival​This weekend South Beach turns into Disneyworld for foodies as The South Beach Wine & Food Festival Roars into town. The event is larger than life and brings together celebrity chefs and the people who worship them for one wine ... More >>

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    February 16, 2011

    Anthony Bourdain's is Good Ol' Foul-Mouthed Entertainment

    Photo by Liz Dzuro"Rachel Ray sent me a fruit basket - seriously."​Click here to see more photos of Anthony Bourdain.Have you ever thought it was a good idea to kill a bottle of champagne while watching Travel Channel's No Reservations? Yeah... neither have we. But if you had than you'd be al ... More >>

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    February 10, 2011
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    February 3, 2011

    Top Chef Recap: Fuggedaboudit! Cooking Family Style At Rao's

    NBC Universal Cheftestants​Last episode we had Marcel pack his knives after he led his team to defeat in restaurant wars.  Quickfire Round The Cheftestants walk into the kitchen to find Padma and Isaac Mizrahi. It's fashion week and Padma is plugging her jewelry line and Isaac is ha ... More >>

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    January 20, 2011

    Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars (Fabio Charms Everyone)

    NBC Universal Fabio Viviani ​Recap: on Last Week's Top Chef, the chefs were taken out on the S.S. Minnow for a three hour tour and fish fry.  Carla won a trip to Amsterdam and both Jamie (finally) and Tiffany were sent packing. Quickfire Challenge: The cheftestants walk into Le B ... More >>

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    September 27, 2010

    Chow 13 Most Influential Food Personas Gives Props to Twitter

    ​Last year it was a craft beer guru, Slow Food USA's voice, and a pastry chef. This year it's a wine punk, a Brooklyn butcher, and a made-up Twitter persona that's one part Ruth Reichl and one part Tony Bourdain.The Chow 13, the baker's dozen of influential foodistas, is back for 2010, bringing wi ... More >>

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    September 8, 2010

    Eating Around the Blog-o-Sphere

    Got an interesting post or bit of news to share? Email it to Charlie and we'll include it in Eating Around the Blog-o-Sphere. Anthony Bourdain dishes on his blog about the 100th episode of No Reservations, which aired Monday night and featured Paris. Michael Ruhlman, food writer and good b ... More >>

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    June 9, 2010

    Bourdain Hits Bookstores, Coral Gables

    ​Ever read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential? It's a really great book, an exciting and sometimes disgusting glimpse into the seedy underworld of the professional chef. It was through Kitchen Confidential that everyone learned why fish on Mondays is a bad idea, why you should never trust a s ... More >>

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    November 18, 2009

    Brunch Leads to Blissful Break at Aruba Beach Cafe in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

    Photo by Flickr user moterrien​I knew it was bound to happen at any moment and, finally, it did: our relationship had gone from four-star steakhouses to budget beach brunches.But that's not necessarily as bad as it sounds. My job requires me to dine at some fancy-schmancy place at least once a wee ... More >>

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    November 12, 2009
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    October 10, 2009

    Weekend Blog Watch

    via​Although Clean Plate Charlie is the only food blog you need to read on a daily basis, some people just can't get enough. Here are some highlights of other food blogs to keep you going.Chow and Chatter is a little cluttered with the banners and side bars, but the content is worth ... More >>

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    February 11, 2009

    New Website Discovers the Cure For Obesity

    Food porn is all the rage these days. There are entire sites devoted to the obscene pleasures of voyeuristic foodie-ism, and they're growing in number each day. Just this week, food writer and chef Anthony Bourdain explored the subject on a special episode of his Travel Channel series No Reservation ... More >>

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    November 14, 2008

    All the Nasty Bits from an Evening with Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali

    Elyse Wanshel Mario Batali and Anthony Bourdain at the Miami Book Fair International Thursday night. Although former junkie/gutter chef, Anthony Bourdain claims that his life is “all rainbows and unicorns” ever since the birth of his baby daughter, many of his random comments during last night ... More >>

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    November 14, 2008

    Last Night: Anthony Bourdain at the Arsht Center

    This man loves Mac's Club Deuce. (Reason No. 293 why we love this man.) Better Than: Pounding cheap beers between a soul-crushing double on the saute station. The evidence, plainly, is undeniable: the best-selling books, the top-rated Travel Channel Show, the Top Chef judging gigs. Hell, even t ... More >>

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    April 27, 2006
  • Dining

    December 21, 2000

    Sour Grapes

    Grape Leaves wilts from a dearth of food and a dismissive attitude

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