Brittany Murphy

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    February 3, 2010

    Food Events on the Radar

    The original tagline read: "Her romance is on pins and noodles."​• Nothing says "I love you" like a bowl of ramen... at least according to Ramen Girl, the 2008 comedy starring the late Brittany Murphy. (Not to be confused with this ramen girl.) Imagine Lost in Translation, The Karate Kid, and Ch ... More >>

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    June 18, 2009
  • Film

    November 16, 2006

    Dance of the Penguin

    That whole talking animal genre? Let's be done with it.

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    March 31, 2005

    Color Bind

    What's black and white and red all over? Sin City, pal.

  • Film

    January 1, 2004

    The Sorrow and the Pity

    In a year of big-screen sadness, our critics comfort those who triumphed

  • Film

    December 6, 2001

    New Yakkers

    Edward Burns's Sidewalks of New York does more talking than walking

  • Film

    July 20, 2000

    Private Defective

    Alan Rudolph's Trixie is happily stuck between a rock and the deep blue sea

  • Film

    January 13, 2000

    The Prozac, Please

    Girl, Interrupted