Coalition of Immokalee Workers

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    November 24, 2014

    Q&A with Food Chains Director Sanjay Rawal, March Planned Monday at West Palm Beach Publix

    Less than a decade ago, the Everglades farming town of Immokalee was often described as the headquarters of agricultural abuse in the United States. Stories of bosses beating, forcing free labor, and using horrifying intimidation tactics were commonplace. The abuses were so widespread, that Immokal ... More >>

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    March 30, 2012

    Florida's Tomatoland Is Still Awfully Bleak

    This video has been sent to me a couple of time this week, filmed during a visit to Immokalee, Florida by Daniel Klein of The Perennial Plate. It's where a third of the country's tomatoes are grown for grocery sales.During his visit, Klein interviews Lupa Gonzalo from Guatemala, a tomato picker and ... More >>

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    February 20, 2012

    Edible Balloons, Burger Bash Menu, and Other Food News

    Happy Presidents' Day. We bring you today's list of occasional links. 1. An incredibly light dessert: the edible balloon. Mmm. Green apple air.2. Food porn: a pizza cookbook shaped like a pizza. 3. This weekend's South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Burger Bash menu is unveiled, the $225 event hoste ... More >>

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    April 15, 2010

    Immokalee Workers Plan Major Push on Publix This Weekend

    Pressure mounts on Publix.‚ÄčThirty-year-old Romeo Ramirez has worked on Florida farms for his "whole life," he says. And despite the conditions he's seen -- stagnant wages, no benefits, and even migrant farm workers forced to work against their will -- he still seems to see the state he lives in as ... More >>

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    March 13, 2010

    CIF Launches Mobile "Modern Day Slavery Museum"

    Slavery museum has a captive audience‚ÄčEver wondered what it feels like to lift a 32-pound bucket of tomatoes? When the Coalition of Imokalee Workers' Modern Day Slavery Museum, which kicked off its statewide tour last week, hits town you'll have a chance. That 32-pound  bucket is part of the ... More >>

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    July 11, 2008
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    April 24, 2003

    Shakin' tha Foundation

    A pair of South Florida rappers takes on Cheney, Ashcroft, and Taco Bell