Gary Cohen

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    September 25, 2013

    Florida Obamacare Premiums Are Plentiful, Affordable, According to Reports

    With all the hootin' and hollerin' about Obamacare, and the GOPers holding fillabustery things, and Rick Scott writing letters to Congress to make it all stop, there's this: According to a thing called "reading," Florida is at the top of the list in the U.S. in terms of the amount of choices Obamaca ... More >>

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    January 7, 1999

    Hit or Mrs.?

    According to the courts, Joyce Cohen hired three men to murder her wealthy husband. Now the entire case may be unraveling.

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    December 3, 1998

    Inhospitable and in Denial

    The parents of two little girls placed them in the Broward Children's Center hoping their daughters would be cured. Something went wrong.