Mariana van Zeller

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    July 4, 2014

    Florida Somehow the Least Pill-Poppin' State in the South

    There's a classic episode of Current TV's Vanguard that takes place in Florida. "Oxycontin Express" took reporter Mariana van Zeller to Broward, where she talked to pill addicts and the people who travel here from out of state to purchase drugs and traffic them elsewhere. It's so good! It won a Peab ... More >>

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    October 16, 2009

    Pillbillies of Broward County Go Hollywood

    After a short ad, that's the trailer for "The Oxycontin Express," the first episode of this season's Vanguard. That's correspondent Mariana van Zeller boldly reporting from within Broward County, pain pill capital of the world. Aren't we just beaming with pride?The show airs on Current TV, the diy ... More >>