Michelle Yeoh

  • Film

    July 26, 2007

    Charge of the Light Brigade

    Racing to reignite the sun — and our souls — in Danny Boyle's sci-fi collage

  • Film

    December 15, 2005

    Asia Minor

    Memoirs of a Geisha views Japan through Western eyes

  • Film

    October 11, 2001

    Crouching... Monkey?

    With this 1993 film's reissue, a Hong Kong action choreographer serves up a real kick

  • Culture

    February 22, 2001

    Harden's Crossing

    She's finally been invited to the Oscar party, but what will she do after the ball?

  • Film

    January 11, 2001

    Emotion in Motion

    With Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Ang Lee reinvents the martial arts movie for the art-house crowd

  • Film

    December 18, 1997