Murphy Brown

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    November 3, 2009

    Vanilla Ice Flowing Like a Harpoon on The Early Show

    Watch CBS News Videos Online In this video from this morning's Early Show, we have a scary barefoot clown dressed up as Santa. We have choreographed dance steps. We have Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez awkwardly singing and dancing along. Most important, though, we have Robert Van Winkle (you k ... More >>

  • Film

    September 11, 2008

    Ladies Light

    Once grand, The Women is now just another chick flick

  • Culture

    December 21, 2006

    Dumb Can Work

    The world premiere of Hatchetman is the best television not on TV.

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    May 25, 2006
  • Calendar

    May 20, 2004
  • Culture

    March 6, 2003

    That '60s Show

    Oliver Beene goes against fake millionaires and phony idols

  • Culture

    February 14, 2002

    Net Loss

    The government killed TV, and Hollywood's begging it to revive the corpse

  • News

    October 12, 2000

    Citizen Fadgen

    A Plantation commissioner brings homophobia to the big screen