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    September 23, 2013

    Shark Bites Woman in Two Feet of Water Off Ormond Beach

    Apparently we're that much closer to sharks just walking onto the beach and biting us now. A woman was bitten by a shark in just two feet of water in Ormond Beach over the weekend. She had to be hospitalized with a gash on her foot. According to reports, the woman was visiting from the Netherlands ... More >>

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    May 28, 2013

    Shark Bites Boy Off Coast of Volusia County

    Memorial Day is all about relaxing, hitting up the beach, and grabbing some food. It is for sharks, anyway. According to reports, a shark bit a boy swimming in Ormond Beach in Volusia County on Memorial Day.

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    March 8, 2013

    Bartender Q&A: Ian Carrey of Salt Life Food Shack on Underwater Basket Weaving and Free Stuff

    When it comes to finding amazing cocktails, you're probably not thinking Coral Springs. Not that we have anything against the city, but when it comes to culinary creations the suburbs are mostly like not the first image that comes to mind. And then there's Ian Carrey, General Manager and Partner of ... More >>

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    August 5, 2010
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    October 19, 2009

    Coral Springs Surgeon Takes Out the Wrong Thing

    Flickr: carrierCan you find the gallbladder in this photo?‚ÄčIn June 2007, an 83-year-old man went to the Northwest Medical Center in Margate to have his inflamed gallbladder removed. The surgeon took out the man's kidney instead. Dr. Bernard Zaragoza told the Florida Medical Board that he was "comp ... More >>

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    January 31, 2008

    Big Wind in Boca

    The Party Was Over Before It Began

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    March 26, 2007

    Former Hollywood Chief Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

    Former Hollywood Police Chief Richard Witt should be enjoying a semblance of vindication right now. He tried to clean up the PD during his tenure and was fired for his efforts. Now some of the officers he tried to expunge are part of a scandal involving an FBI mafia sting. His whistleblower's lawsui ... More >>

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    November 6, 2006

    This One's For The Kuech

    Dude Was A Football Player This from Armando Salguro's story in the Miami Herald on the Dolphins' inspired beat-down on previously undefeated Chicago: "There's no telling how folks such as former Dolphins guard Bob Kuechenberg likes Taylor now. After telling the Chicago Tribune that Saban shoul ... More >>

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    October 31, 2006

    For All You Political Junkies ...

    What follows is the full transcript of last night's gubernatorial debate between Charlie Crist, Jim Davis, and Max Linn. It's, um, really long. CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: Florida, the state that carried George W. Bush into the White House and elected Jeb Bush twice for governor. A state on the ... More >>

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    February 20, 2003

    Surfin' F-L-A

    A group of intrepid wahines is trying to take charge of its sport

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    February 12, 1998