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    March 20, 2013

    Tom Truex Is Your New Broward GOP Leader

    After a short-lived term as Broward Republican chairman came to a close for Rico Petrocelli because he didn't get along with people, or some such thing, the Broward GOP had a chance to really come out swinging, especially after getting slammed in the November elections, and choose a new leader who d ... More >>

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    February 22, 2013

    Rick Scott and Joe Abruzzo Challenge the NCAA to Arm Wrestling Match

    The local personalities, egos, and public figures who swung through the news cycle this week, ranked by New Times' crack research department using a highly scientific algorithm (i.e. picnic, lightening.)

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    February 20, 2013

    Rico Petrocelli Resigns as Broward County Republican Chairman

    Rico Petrocelli, the broke Broward Republican chairman, has decided to go all Roberto Duran on us and say no mas. See also: - Rico Petrocelli, Broward County Republican Chairman, Broke as a Bad Joke The Broward Republican Executive Committee issued a statement on Petrocelli's resignation, while th ... More >>

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    December 19, 2012

    Rico Petrocelli, Broward County Republican Chairman, Broke as a Bad Joke

    For once, we've found common ground with debt collectors: Broward County Republican Chairman Rico Petrocelli is impossible to get on the telephone and won't return calls. At least when the calls refer to his crushing debt. Petrocelli is mad broke. He filed for bankruptcy in November of last year - ... More >>

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    December 22, 2009

    So Many Seats to Fill; So Few Republicans Without Baggage

    plantation.orgPetrocelli‚ÄčThat's the only explanation I can offer for Charlie Crist's appointment of Rico Petrocelli to the Broward County Housing Authority, which Buddy Nevins is reporting on Broward Beat. Petrocelli, of course, was defeated in his bid for the Plantation City Commission. His campa ... More >>

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    March 10, 2009

    Liveblogging the Muni Election

    The brains of the operation 8:31 Welcome to the Juice muni elections liveblog. I will be doing the play-by-play. At my left is the color commentator, a highly flatulent greyhound who somehow managed to cast a ballot (for Al Capellini, natch) and has been flaunting her "My Vote Counted" sticker to al ... More >>

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    March 10, 2009

    Voters Done Pretty Good Tonight

    Hey, no pending felons were elected by the voters. In South Florida, that's called progress. Let's run this mf-er down: Davie: Tom Truex lost because Davie voters don't want developers to mess up the nature of the town with The Commons. I called Judy Paul as the winner two ... More >>

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    February 25, 2009

    Capellini's Cronies Expose, um, Themselves

    It appears that Capellini's Cronies are undoing themselves at a remarkable rate. First it was disgraced former Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini's Republican brethren. At a recent meeting they fawned over Capellini, who was removed from office by Charlie Crist after the State Attorney's Office cha ... More >>

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    January 9, 2003
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    December 26, 2002

    Down on the Plantation III

    Why won't the city give black kids a sporting chance?