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    November 18, 2010
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    September 23, 2010

    Review: Chef Jean-Pierre Cooking Class

    jonathanb1989Cook like a pro!​So you're kicking back in a comfy chair, knocking back a glass -- or three -- of your favorite vino, watching as two chefs passionately prepare course after course of a pre-themed meal while peppering the how-to's with spontaneous and relatable narrative from their l ... More >>

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    July 28, 2010

    Jeremy Ford of 3030 Ocean in Fort Lauderdale: Interview With the 22-year-old Chef

    Jeff Stratton ​Jeremy Ford sits in a prime spot, geographically and careerwise. He's chef de cuisine -- that means he pretty much runs the show -- at 3030 Ocean. The beachfront eatery inside the Marriott Harbor Beach hotel is perhaps the swankiest restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Not bad for a 22-ye ... More >>

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    July 23, 2010

    What Warped Tour Rockers Eat

    flickr: Xavi Pedret Rockers: They're not all fueled by ramen. ​We here at Clean Plate Charlie are usually too busy judging the judges on the Food Network, pureeing foie gras for our little baby Emeril, or just generally stuffing our ding-dangled faces to get out to any concerts these days, but we ... More >>

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    June 14, 2010

    Cooking Channel's Original Programming Delivers For "Food People"

    John LinnDarryl Robinson, host of Cooking Channel's new show Drink Up.​By now everyone's heard of the Cooking Channel. The new cable station launched two weeks ago with a focus on food programming for "food people" (so named because foodies don't like to be called foodies). It comes courtesy of th ... More >>

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    June 10, 2010

    Tal Ronnen Interview: Q&A with The Conscious Cook (Part 1)

    ​Tal Ronnen made history when his book The Conscious Cook -- the first full-color vegan cookbook to be published in North America -- hit the New York Times bestseller list last fall. Since hitting the big-time (thanks also to Oprah, who had Ronnen develop a 21-day vegan cleanse for her), Ronnen ha ... More >>

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    May 20, 2010
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    May 5, 2010

    Two Incubator Rental Kitchens Open in Palm Beach County for Want-to-Go-Pro Cooks

    Is there a food lover out there who doesn't think they'd like to cater, or open their own eatery or bottle their own hot sauce? Here are two places that will let you give it a whirl before commiting to a retail space. Why rent a kitchen? Mise en Place hot kitchen in Tequesta​

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    April 2, 2010

    As Seen on TV: Key West Dolphin Sandwich at the Whale's Rib

    John Linn​ Well, not quite as seen on TV. On the episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives that featured the Deerfield Beach institution, the Whale's Rib, Guy Fieri sampled the Key West dolphin sandwich in fried form. But on a recent visit, a longtime waitress at the Rib told me to try it blackened. ... More >>

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    March 16, 2010

    Grease Gods Greet Broward With Latin Burger and Taco

    Dori ZinnLatin Burger and Taco, a traveling food restaurant, rolled into Broward for the second time ever since they started driving nearly three months ago.​I'm not a burger expert. I'm not a burger connoisseur. I haven't researched and written papers on the basis of what makes an amazing burger. ... More >>

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    March 12, 2010

    Restaurant News: Reef Road Partners Split, A Second Chance to Savor Blue Fish, Tyler Florence Puttin' on the Ritz

    • Three of the four partners of Clematis Street's Reef Road Restaurant & Rum Bar have hit the road in a reportedly friendly dispute over the direction of the casual, seafood-oriented, beachy-type eatery. Niteclub impresario Cleve Mash has bought out Rocco Mangel and Todd Herbst and Bill Watson ... More >>

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    February 25, 2010
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    February 25, 2010
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    February 2, 2010

    Ted Allen's Show Chopped: Is it Fixed?

    Hey, Ted: Who's picking the winners on your show?​The Food Network is dominated these days by reality-TV-style cooking shows, and one of the best of them is Chopped. Hosted by Ted Allen, it pits four chefs against one another in timed matches with mystery ingredients. It's often more drama than co ... More >>

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    January 15, 2010

    Three Things to Do With an Avocado

    Besides the blatantly obvious, avocados are good for more than just guacamole. It's also more than just a topping to a sandwich to deem it a "California" meal. Good for anything, from snack time to dessert, here are three (almost surprising) ways to utilize one delicious fruit. Note: Personal prefer ... More >>

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    January 12, 2010

    Foodie Events This Week

    ​Zon-te: That (not Zan-te or Exan-te or whatever) is how you pronounce Xante, a brand of Swedish cognac that's moving stateside with this utterly LOL-tastic ad campaign. Note the image to your right -- that was not Photoshopped, folks. This is what ad execs think makes you want to buy liquor. Anyw ... More >>

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    January 6, 2010

    Foodie Heaven in San Francisco

    ​If you have a functioning taste bud anywhere in your body, a trip through San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace is like ascending to heaven. Better, because you don't have to die to get there.  The 121-year-old waterfront building with its replica of the 12th Century Giralda bell tower ... More >>

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    November 26, 2009

    Weirdos, Dicks and Iron Chefs

    ​Well, the Next Iron Chef is Jose Garces, proprietor of six restaurants in Philadelphia and Chicago and dubbed (insulted?) by some as "the Latin Emeril," who over the past weeks blew off nine other chefs from around the country and last night edged New York toque/pastry chef Jehangir Mehta to join ... More >>

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    November 18, 2009

    Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

    ​Thanksgiving is just around the corner, kiddies. Are you ready? There's a lot to prep for, from getting that Big Bird defrosted to queuing up your side dishes. Not to mention making sure you're caught up enough at work to take two weekdays off (ack!). If you're still undecided on any of it, here' ... More >>

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    September 16, 2009

    Pairings, Celeb Chefs, and More Upcoming Events

    Jane, stop this crazy thing!​Earlier in the week, Riki Altman cooked up beef tenderloin medalions from the new Morton's The Cookbook: 100 Steahkhouse Recipes for Every Kitchen. You sampled the recipe, now you can head to Morton's in Coral Gables on September 23 for a signing by author Tyler Fields ... More >>

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    August 31, 2009

    Weekend News

    ​Miami restaurateur and chef Michelle Bernstein opened her brand new MB Terrace at the Omphoy resort last Wednesday. The casual dining spot is the sister restaurant to Michelle Bernstein's at the Omphoy, a Mediterranean-inspired, dinner-only resto that opened over the weekend. I will be giving my ... More >>

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    August 3, 2009

    Food Season on the Boob Tube

    Move over, Rachael; there are some new shows in town.​It seems as if food has become almost as popular a subject for television programming as reality shows -- when the two are combined, like on Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmare's, and Hell's Kitchen, the result is stratospheric. To be honest, I've neve ... More >>

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    July 20, 2009

    WSFL Punks Food Network, Pretends it has a Morning Show

    In yesterday's episode of The Next Food Network Star, the show played a trick on its unsuspecting contestants. The network brought four finalists to WSFL to tape segments with South Live anchor Dave Aizer, who then punked them by doing stuff like removing all the utensils from the kitche ... More >>

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    June 23, 2009

    Better Than Good Eats: Our List of the Best We've Eaten

    915 in Key West is home to some amazing Fries with aioli.The Food Network has a new show called The Best Thing I Ever Ate (9 and 9:30 p.m. tonight), and it features the usual roster of the network's chefs and celebrity foodies running down the best things they've stuffed in their constantly yapping ... More >>

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    June 19, 2009

    Woman Behind Newly Famous Butter-Sugar Cookies Reveals Secrets

    Lori Saitz went from PR pro to baking entrepreneur."You should sell that."  People always said that to Lori Saitz about the cookies she baked from an old family recipe. Unlike most of us, the 43-year-old former marketing and PR pro in West Palm Beach actually did. Six years ago she quit her day ... More >>

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    May 6, 2009

    Food Network Returns, This Time for the Matzo Balls

    Guy came back for our matzo balls.You think Guy Fieri likes our local drive-ins, diners and dives? Just two weeks after a big shout-out to Havana Hideout in Lake Worth, last night the porcupine-haired host of "Triple D" did the same for the home away from home for deli-deprived New Yorkers: Flakowit ... More >>

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    May 5, 2009

    Movie of the Week: Tortilla Soup

    Raquel Welch and Hector Elizondo Today begins our Cucina Verite Movie of the Week (see our list of upcoming films to watch along with us), and in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we start with Tortilla Soup.First, a little trivia about Maria Ripoli's 2001 film. (1) The beautiful culinary scenes were choreogr ... More >>

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    April 14, 2009

    Hide Out While You Still Can at Lake Worth's Havana Hideout

    If you're not a subscriber to our weekly Cafe Bites dining newsletter for Broward and Palm Beach, here's a taste of what you missed this week. Click here to subscribe.Some secrets South Floridians like to keep to themselves. Lake Worth hole-in-the-wall Havana Hideout has a few of them. Like its choc ... More >>

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    February 19, 2009

    Recession Be Damned!

    Eat, drink, and spend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival

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    February 2, 2009

    Sushi SoBe at Loews

    Sushi SoBe landed in the lobby of Loews Miami Beach Hotel with less razzmatazz than one might expect -- especially in light of the menu having been developed by one of just six Master Sushi Chefs in the United States. That would be Fuji Fujita, executive sushi chef for Loews Hotels. Execution of the ... More >>

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    December 26, 2008

    The Burger King of Hollywood

    Harold Cohen handled his share of buns during his 20-plus years as a reconstructive surgeon in Hollywood. But the ones he heated for judges while taping a segment of the Food Network's Ultimate Recipe Showdown 2 will be forever seared in his memory. "They burned to a crisp in ... More >>

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    December 15, 2008

    An Interview With Ted Allen

    C. StilesNectar Lounge at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek was host to the Christmas-ey dessert party, Sweet Dreams, this weekend. The event featured a huge spread of sugary cakes, candies, flash-frozen ice cream, and dessert sushi, which you can check out by viewing our slide show. But it also fea ... More >>

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    December 12, 2008

    The SoBe Wine & Food Fest Stocking Stuffer

    Starting this morning at 9:00 a.m., the South Beach Wine & Food Festival  is offering a week-long 10% discount on all ticket orders (before tax and service fees). The deal closes Friday, December 19, at 5:00 p.m., and all orders placed by this time are guaranteed delivery before Christmas D ... More >>

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    December 4, 2008

    Just Desserts

    Ted Allen hosts a night of sweet and greet at Nectar

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    March 13, 2008

    Not Your Average Jo

    City Diner cuts the mustard

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    February 14, 2008
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    February 3, 2008
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    January 17, 2008

    The Official Punk Rock Book of Lists

    A new book compiles punk's greatest hits and biggest tools

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    August 7, 2007
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    March 22, 2007

    East Is Eden

    My love affair with Nick Morfogen

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    March 15, 2007
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    March 8, 2007
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    January 13, 2005
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    June 24, 2004

    The Alley's Anniversary

    From rags to... rags plus music!

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    April 15, 2004
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    January 23, 2003

    Festivals R Us

    For South Florida foodies, 2003 looks to be a very happy new year indeed

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    August 23, 2001


    Tortilla Soup is Eat Drink Man Woman in Latino guise

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    May 14, 1998
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