Animated Martha Stewart Set to Brainwash Our Children

Martha as a child - who knew?
Martha as a child - who knew?

Martha as a child - who knew?

​Domestic goddess Martha Stewart has taken over pretty much everything - television, cooking, crafting, books, and the internet.

That's all well and good, because we believe that adults have the right to choose whether or not they want to bake meringue mice, hand knit doggie scarves and wallpaper their kitchens with recipe cards. But now Martha wants to take over our children!

AOL Kids has just launched the Martha and Friends website. In it, a ten-year-old Martha Stewart. along with her dogs and friends, makes home baked dog biscuits, lemonade and decorates her house.

If Martha has her way, the children of America will become a nation of little freaks weilding hot glue guns and rolling pins, making pies and creating tastful yet useful Thanksgiving centerpieces and hostess gifts for visits to Aunt Sally's house.

See Martha and her heinous plot to take our precious kids away from their XBoxes and Wiis after the jump.

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