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Krampus is coming to sucks to be you.
Krampus is coming to sucks to be you.

Anthony Bourdain's A Krampus Carol

Gather round boys and girls, because Clean Plate Charlie wants to share a little Christmas story -- courtesy of Anthony Bourdain.

We're sure you've heard about Santa Claus and how he brings presents to all good little children. But we want to tell you about who visits naughty little children - Krampus.

No, Krampus is not the evil little gremlin that visits mommy once a month and makes her cranky (that's cramps). Krampus is the evil man who beats the crap out of bad children, shoves them into a sack and eats them.

Did you swipe a crunch bar from the local grocer? Did you sneak out of the house to play without your parents' permission? Krampus knows all..and he will pay you a visit.

Watch Anthony Bourdain's vision of kiddie hell, my little pretties. And be good. Be very, very good.

Watch A Krampus Carol after the jump:

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