Ashamed To Admit Your McDonald's Addiction? Try The Shame Mask (Video)

We admit it. Clean Plate Charlie eats fast food. We're human, too.  Even with all the good food that we eat and write about, sometimes we're in a rush...or on the turnpike...or dreadfully hungover.

When that happens, like you, we don't want a Martorano's meatball or sushi from Marumi...we want a Big Mac (and supersize, me).  The only problem (besides waking up in a pool of special sauce the next morning?) -- walking into a McDonald's and dreading the possibility of being recognized as a foodie that actually eats this crap.

Thankfully, we found a new product designed to take the shame out of

shameful dining. The McDonald's shame mask is designed to be worn while

ordering at the fast food giant. 

And remember -- eating fast food is like picking your nose. We all do it, it's just best to do it behind closed doors.

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