Bacon Smoothies, Bacon Cheesecake, Baconaise: Watch Denny's Baconalia Parody Here

Gourmet Cheap food restaurant chain Denny's recently announced its Baconalia festival and menu. Labeled "a sacred festival of all things bacon," Denny's has gone all out with its bacon-inspired menu.

Featuring a bacon/maple ice cream sundae, bacon sampler, and bacon meat loaf, the pig-pushers at Denny's thought they had bacon in the bag.

I mean, what else could you make? A bacon bowl? Bacon with a side of bacon and extra bacon? Bacon balls? YES, YES, and YES!

Watch this Denny's parody to find out just how extreme bacon can be -- Denny's, are you listening?


Watch the


boring Denny's promo here.


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