Balti Curry at Curries & More in Boca Raton
John Linn

Balti Curry at Curries & More in Boca Raton

The Balti curry from Curries & More in Boca Raton was brick-red and thick, with large chunks of boneless, white-meat chicken. Scooped up with naan or eaten over basmati rice, it had a peppery, slow-blooming heat that built up to a fierce boil. Behind that heat was a tremendous amount of flavor -- lemony coriander seed, musty cardamom, and lots of garam masala; rich tomato and tart, sour tang. And a whole lot of tongue-numbing peppercorn.

With its sour tang and intense heat, the Balti curry reminded me of

vindaloo, a spicy Goan dish made savory with vinegar and lots of hot

peppers. Only the sauce was much thicker. It may be the first time I've

seen Balti curry on a menu down here, but it's a dish that's widely

popular in the U.K. The name Balti refers to both the style of curry and

the heavy-bottomed pot -- or wok -- that it's cooked and served in. I'm

not sure if this version was cooked in a Balti pot, but it definitely

wasn't served in one. Instead, it came in a tall, copper pitcher.

Regardless, Balti isn't terribly authentic Indian food. But it is

tasty. I'd definitely order Curries & More's version again.

Curries & More

217 E. Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton 33432



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