Beefeater Steak House Bites the Dust

Beefeater Steak House was a constant on Hollywood Boulevard.
Beefeater Steak House was a constant on Hollywood Boulevard.

With Hollywood Boulevard's ever-rotating cast of restaurants, it's sometimes hard to keep up with what's moved in and what's moved out. But you could always count on a few constants: The shockingly interesting weirdos who parade up and down the street any given night, and watching said weirdos from behind a plate of churrasco steak at Beefeater Steak House.

Well, one of those constants is no more. Beefeater, an Argentine steak house best-known perhaps for its inexpensive, no-frills lunch specials, recently closed shop for good.

As to why, we don't know much at the moment. There's a note on the door

thanking customers for their business over the years but not much

else. If you peer inside, you can see the place still has silverware

roll-ups and bottles of oil and vinegar lingering on tables. The

restaurant's phone number has not yet been disconnected either.

It's possible Beefeater's closing has something to do with the opening

of another Argentine steak house located just a few doors down from

it, Angus Bar & Grill. Angus opened just two weeks ago, and its

menu is almost identical to that of Beefeater's.

We'll have more on Beefeater as the story develops. We'll also post

more about Hollyweird's newest Argentine eatery, Angus, later in the


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