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Berry Tasty

Thanks to the cold weather, harvests have been a bit delayed here in South Florida. But as of last week or so, strawberry season has officially arrived. And the best place to get plump, ripe, aromatic berries is at Batten's Strawberry Farm (5151 SW 64th Ave., Davie, 954-792-0068), where the name simultaneously speaks for itself and doesn't say enough. Because not only are the strawberries worth bringing home; they're also perfect for sipping, blended in an ice-cold milkshake, while shopping for Batten's other prime produce, particularly the homegrown tomatoes and bell peppers. And don't fret if you miss the season: Batten's is open year-round, and while the berries might come from other sources in the summer, the milkshakes are always made on the premises.


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