Drink responsibly this season.
Drink responsibly this season.

Booze Commercial With An Ironic Twist

The commercial starts as the usual 30 second spot for booze. Soft music plays as some liquid silk of a libation is pored into a perfect glass.

A narrator with a soft burr (Swedish? Scottish?) says that "for six generations the house of Taman has created an exceptionally smooth experience."

But wait...just when the music (and commercial) would normally stop, the announcer keeps on going. "In Sweden one in five children suffer because of alcohol, eight out of ten public acts of violence are related to alcohol, and 320,000 Swedes are addicted to alcohol. Now, how smooth is that?"

The commercial is an anti-drinking spot by IQ. And it works in its subtlety. We're posting it mainly because we think it's an interesting and new approach to a public service announcement on drinking:

Plus, it's a teensy little reminder that with the holidays comes booze in large quantities.
Drink responsibly and your holidays will actually be much happier - because it's always better to remember whether or not you made out with the office file clerk at the holiday party.  

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