Bravo Makes "Best Sandwich" Promise

Bravo's lechon sandwich.
Bravo's lechon sandwich.
Photos by Eric Barton

The postcard-sized menu at Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich Shop in Wilton Manors promises: "The Best sandwich you'll ever taste!" Those are big words in the world of sandwiches, but the thing is, Bravo just might live up to that promise.

Bravo's Peruvian sandwiches are full of juicy pork, flavorful country ham, and well-spiced onions, all served on these bulky, flaky buns that perfectly soak up the meat juices and spicy sauce.

So why didn't New Times give them an award in our Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition this year?

The answer is that they were just a bit too late. The place opened

only a few months ago, and we like to make sure a sandwich joint will show some consistency over the long haul. But so far, everything I've had at Bravo has made it a finalist for our Best Of '10 issue.

Take, for instance, the plate that I ordered last weekend. It's a traditional Peruvian dish served on Sundays, with fried pork chunks, slices of sweet potatoes, spiced onions, and a banana-leaf-wrapped tamale.

Bravo Makes "Best Sandwich" Promise

It's served with one of those amazing buns for a self-assembled sandwich. The desayuno plate costs $10, but it could easily make a meal for two.

Bravo Makes "Best Sandwich" Promise

Pair it with a traditional Peruvian drink: chica morada ($2), which is made from red corn and spiced with apples and cinnamon. It's a bit like apple cider but not so sweet.

Bravo Makes "Best Sandwich" Promise

Bravo's also got fantastic yuca fries, but the sandwiches are so large, you won't need a side item. Instead, hold out for the alfajores ($2), a flaky Peruvian cookie filled with dulce de leche. As you might be able to tell, I ate mine in the car on the way home.

Bravo Makes "Best Sandwich" Promise

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Bravo! Gourmet Sandwich Shop

2925 NE Sixth Ave.
Wilton Manors, FL 33334


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