Bye-Bye, Bass

Joe Rocco

We diners sure know how to get ourselves into a Catch-22. We like Chilean sea bass (real name: Patagonian toothfish) so much, we've endangered it the point that there's a distinct possibility the species will be extinct in five years. Now, if we want to continue eating it, we have to boycott it. Fortunately, our local chefs and restaurateurs are taking it off their menus. By Word of Mouth, Café Claude, Café de Paris, Calypso Raw Bar and Restaurant, Creolina's, New Chinatown, the River House, Seawatch, Siam Cuisine, Solo Trattoria, and 3030 Ocean have all signed on to the "Take a Pass on Chilean Sea Bass" campaign, pledging to provide us with sustainable alternatives. Evolutionally speaking, such a step may be something of a last-minute gesture, but perhaps the dining community can make it count. After all, it worked for swordfish, which are once again on the upswing and back on the meal ticket.

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