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Despite record heat, nothing says spring in South Florida more than sitting outside at a café with a croissant, coffee, and newspaper. Thanks to Crocante Bakery Café (1948 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 954-923-1280), we can celebrate the season in style and keep in mind our economics at the same time. This two-month-old café offers a huge range of comestibles, from tuna sandwiches to café lattes to apple tarts, and has such a number of umbrellas and sidewalk tables that this corner of Hollywood Boulevard looks just a little bit like Lincoln Road. But it's the Argentine-influenced food, including empanadas, pizzas, and homemade pastas, that may induce customers who have stopped in mainly for a snack to stay for a meal -- and still shell out only what one would for a coffee and pastry just about anywhere else in South Florida.


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