Cake Decorating Classes: The "Wilton Method" Promises Fun With Icing!

Who hasn't ever been tempted to go to town on a cupcake with an icing gun? But who knew there was a "method" to the madness -- besides "Stick finger in frosting; lick; repeat"?

Well, this is America, and any technique that can be commercialized and exploited will be! Thus, we introduce the "Wilton Method" of cupcake, cookie, and cake decorating.

We just learned that "The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art

is a private vocational school that has been the world leader in cake

decorating education" -- since 1929. Apparently, it teaches "English

and Australian methods, newer pulled sugar and gum paste techniques,

and candy making."

The school has gone national; courses are offered at various craft shops throughout Florida. At Michaels, classes in Decorating Basics, Flowers & Cake Design, and Gum Paste & Fondant are being offered at 50 percent off during July. 

Enter your Zip Code in the class locator to find an upcoming course near you

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