Casa Maya Grill in Deerfield Beach Is an Original

Deerfield Beach is loaded with Mexican restaurants, but none is as original as Casa Maya Grill. The restaurant focuses on authentic dishes from the Yucatan Peninsula, which means you'll find specialties beyond the ordinary burritos and tacos. Cochinita Pibil — pork marinated in annatto seed and sour orange juice — is baked in a banana leaf until tender and served inside crispy, rolled tortillas. Seafood comes into play quite a bit: New Zealand mussels are cooked in lime and cilantro, and local mahi gets the banana-leaf treatment as well. Enchiladas also get special consideration with exotic sauces made of green cherry tomatoes and even pumpkin seed. The place is cozy and romantic, with warm orange walls and low-hanging lights, which makes up for the sometimes spotty execution of the plates.

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Casa Maya Grill

301 Southeast 15th Terrace
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


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