Charlie Sheen's "Winning Recipes" Video: Let's Cook "Tomato Winning Salad"

Sheen's new career - warlock chef
Sheen's new career - warlock chef
Funny or Die

Funny or Die
Sheen's new career - warlock chef

​Charlie Sheen wants to be the next Food Network star.

In his "pilot" episode of Winning Recipes filmed for Funny or Die, Charlie shows us how to make Tomato "Winning" Salad and steak with cows that he killed with his own bare hands (winners stalk and kill their own food without earthly weapons). What do winners drink with such a heavenly meal? Since there's no wine at Sober Valley Lodge how about tea made from dinosaur fossils?

With all the disfunctional chefs out there, I think Sheen has a new career ahead of him. Watch the video after the jump and let us know if you would watch Winning Recipes.

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