Chefs' Recipes Set to Music by One Ring Zero

Chefs' Recipes Set to Music by One Ring Zero

Food is art, the foodie scribes tell us. You eat with your eyes. 

But is food music? Do we eat with our ears? 

Well, yes. At least according to musicians Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp -- AKA One Ring Zero -- who in October will unveil their latest venture, a book-CD package called The Recipe Project: A Delectable Extravaganza of Food and Music. 

The project is

a sort of eat-it-like-a-lyric, play-it-like-a-chef's-knife assemblage of

interviews with celebrity chefs, pieces on the relationship of food to

music by various writers, and recipes set to music and video. Among the

featured chefs are Mario Batali, David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Michael

Symon, Aaron Sanchez, and Chris Cosentino.

If you want to check out Cosentino's contribution, titled Brains and Eggs and described as "a fast, raucous ode to white-boy hip-hop jams and edible offal," do it here.

One word of advice, though, Chris: Don't quit your day job.

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