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Chicken à la King

The folks at Poultry King (2900 W. Sample Rd., Pompano Beach, 954-977-2921) really aren't kidding -- they are indeed emperors of everything that was once feathered. In addition to the familiar spit-roasted chicken, the deli-like storefront located in the Festival Flea Market Mall also offers roasted capons and turkeys. And that's just the plain stuff. Want soup? There's chicken, chicken noodle, chicken vegetable, chicken with matzo balls. Starters? Well, chopped chicken liver, of course. A dish or two for dinner? Choose from turkey legs, turkey meat loaf, pot pie, chicken in the pot, and another dozen internationally influenced poultry dishes ranging from chicken cordon bleu to chicken cacciatore. And don't worry if you can't deal, post-holiday, with anything that smacks of shopping -- second only to chicken, delivery is Poultry King's keyword.


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