Cirque D'Solid Gold Serves Up Gravity-Defying Cleavages

Cirque D'Solid Gold Serves Up Gravity-Defying Cleavages

Naked women. Steak. Acrobatics. What's not to love? Strip clubs are pretty dark, so this sure ain't no circus of the sun, but Cirque D'Solid Gold gives everyone a new excuse to go look at boobies.

Ogle the aerialists all you want as they cavort in space, twisting their bodies in shapes that are sure to get you thinking about the Kama and the Sutra. 

Of course, all that open-mouthed gawking makes a man hungry -- for meat -- a problem that can be fixed by ordering from the menu at the Palms Grille, the steak house ensconced within Solid Gold's filagreed nakedity. Filet mignon and Brazilian wax jobs were made for each other, you'll soon agree. 

One small quibble: A dessert called an "Apple Caramel Granny" sounds like a boner-killer.

The fun starts up again

tomorrow night, Thursday, January 20. Time to get your neck-swivel oiled up.

Solid Gold is at 3339 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, where they've been teaching laps how to dance for years now.

You wouldn't want to miss the 2011 debut of Angel, AJ, and Lindsay, right? As Jack Horkheimer used to say, keep looking up.

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