Conan O'Brien Makes a New York Pizza (Video)

Conan tweets a pic of his pizza.
Conan tweets a pic of his pizza.

Like everyone else in the world, Conan O'Brien loves New York pizza. While in New York, the first thing he does is grab a slice.

According to Coco, the best place to get authentic New York pizza is Joe's in the West Village. Unless you're a fan of Rays. Or Famous Ray's. Or Original Famous Ray's. On Infamous Ray's. Or Ray Ray's.

When Conan meets Joe's owners Sal and Joe, he laments the fact that you can't good pies in Los Angeles and shows them some examples, like the squash blossom and crab pizza that goes for $600 ("disgusting," quips Joe), or the all veggie pizza, which costs about $15,000. "You're not supposed to eat it. You're supposed to hang it on your wall," says O'Brien.

Watch Conan make a pizza and sing a medley of Italian and Irish hits after the jump:

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