Conch Train

Hadley Hooper

Though it sounds like the name of a train station, Key West Crossing (617 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, 561-588-9900) is actually just as you'd expect: an ice cream parlor. Yeah, OK, I didn't know what it was either, given the plethora of crafts and artsy objects crowded into the windows and on the tables in this storefront gallery. But once inside, I couldn't possibly miss the signature scents of frozen dairy products wafting out of the cases. Key West Crossing sources its handmade ice cream -- flavors like banana-chocolate-peanut butter split and other gooey concoctions -- from local purveyor Luke's, also in Lake Worth. But the Crossing does live up to its southernmost appellation with a collection of Conch-reminiscent products: cat images and gadgets, candles imbued with aromas like banana nut bread, and key lime syrup, ready to take home and pour over a sundae of your own making.

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