Cookie Monster Parodies Icona Pop's "I Love It"

Cookie Monster Parodies Icona Pop's "I Love It"

Cookie Monster has never been the perfect model of patience. The blue monster with a weakness for baked goods is usually seen freaking out whenever a chocolate chip is in the room.

But, in this time of childhood obesity, that's not the most responsible way to portray a beloved icon of childhood. So, Sesame Street has just released a new video showing a different, more reasonable side of "Cookie."

In this new full-length parody of Icona Pop's "I Love It," Cookie Monster sings about self-control. While bowls of chocolate chip cookies tempt our furry blue friend, Cookie Monster sings about delayed gratification.

As the familiar tune plays in the background, Cookie sings that although "Me want it"...."But me wait", while the hashtag #controlmeself flashes on the screen.

Of course, this being Cookie....that amazing show of restraint only lasts three minutes -- the length of this amazing video. We suggest taking a break from work to enjoy this little "musical snack"!

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