Copacabana to Open in Fort Lauderdale

The Copacabana is set to open in Fort Lauderdale.
The Copacabana is set to open in Fort Lauderdale.
Copacabana via Facebook

"Her name was Lola... She was a showgirl..."

That's the first line of the hit Barry Manilow song about iconic New York City nightclub Copacabana, which saw the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Lena Horne, Desi Arnaz, and Sam Cooke (to name just a few) performing on its stage.

The sultry, tropical-themed nightclub made it seem as if a swinging

Havana showplace had been set down in the middle of Manhattan. The Copa

was a star itself, with many movies,

including Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Carlito's Way, using the club as a setting.

The club, established in the early 1940s, remained open in some form or

another for more than 50 years before finally closing down.


New York reopened in 2011 in Times Square by new owners, who purchased

the rights to the name. Now, the Copacabana is opening another location

on Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, at the former Laffing Matterz



The Copa is known for its live musical acts.
The Copa is known for its live musical acts.
Copacabana via Facebook

The supperclub and lounge will feature live music, acts,

and the famous Copa girls. The Fort Lauderdale menu has not yet been

released, but the New York club offers a prix fixe menu (with show) for

$45. A bar menu is also available to go with the club's specialty

cocktails with names like the tango, mambo, conga, and lambada.


Copacabana Fort Lauderdale is scheduled to open in September. We're

hoping it will revive the days when "music and passion were always the


Enjoy this scene from Goodfellas, where Henry and Karen get a little special treatment at the Copa:

Here's the classic song:

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