Cupcake Couture Bakes for Obama and Romney in the Same Week: At Least Everyone Can Agree on Sugar, Right?

Cupcake Couture Bakes for Obama and Romney in the Same Week: At Least Everyone Can Agree on Sugar, Right?
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Demonstrating that baked goods can be nonpartisan or, perhaps more accurately, bipartisan, Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique in Delray Beach this past weekend prepared special sweet treats for a second presidential hopeful in less than one week.

On Sunday, April 15, the boutique bakery created nearly 300 cupcakes for a fundraiser held in Palm Beach and attended by presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The bakery also prepared cupcakes that were served to President Barack Obama during his Tuesday, April 10, visit to South Florida. (Read about the president's red velvet request here.) 

"We couldn't be more proud that we have been asked to be a part of both of these political events," said owner Pamela Joyner in an email to Clean Plate Charlie.

Joyner said her company received an initial request for a cupcake order last week from a caterer who was working the Romney event. The caterer didn't reveal the nature of the event until after performing recon on Friday to ensure that the product would be up to snuff. After a tasting, the caterer upped the order from an initial 120 cupcakes to 288 cupcakes in three flavors: Jimmy Chooocolate (chocolate with chocolate icing), Berry Wang (strawberry with strawberry icing), and Donnatella Vanilla (vanilla with vanilla icing).

The two catering jobs were completely unconnected, Joyner said. The caterer handling Romney's event was unaware that the store had recently baked up a storm for another political bigwig. If nothing else, at least it seems that both political parties can agree on the merits of sugar delivered in the form of a beautiful little morsel with a kicky name.

Speaking of cupcakes and epic battles for supremacy, be sure to check out the New Times' Cupcake Battle this Friday at the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival.

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