Dish Deconstructed: Hu Tieu Xao Ga

Dish Deconstructed: Hu Tieu Xao Ga
John Linn
Pictured: Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken and asparagus (hu tieu xao ga).

Chicken: Salt. Pepper. Fish sauce. Soy sauce. Rice wine vinegar. Olive oil. Hot pan. Sear.

Noodles: Blanch.

Asparagus: Salt. Pepper. Olive oil. Saute.

Finish: Hot wok. Vegetable oil. Noodles in. Fish sauce. Soy sauce. Sriracha. Sliced onion. Sliced jalapeno. Shredded carrot. Remove from heat. Cilantro. Torn basil. Mix. Chicken in.


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